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  • Plastic straight-wall containers

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    • Stacking container based on Euronorm;
    • With an open front, handles or completely closed sides;
    • Available in grey, red and blue.

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    Prix à partir: 1,66 €
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    Plastic straight-wall containers

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    These containers are designed to be stacked easily. The container dimensions are in accordance with the European Standard (Euronorm). Therefore, they are often called Euronorm containers or - even shorter - Euroboxes. The Euro Standard size is equal to half a Euro pallet.

    The containers come in sizes of 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 of a Euro pallet.

    The containers are available with different types of openings. The model with the front opening is ideal for situations in which the content of the container has to remain accessible when the container is stacked. Containers with handles are suitable if the container is picked up or carried on a regular basis.

    The Euroboxes in dimensions of 200x300x120, 300x400x120, 300x400x180 and 300x400x290 mm have completely closed sides without handles.

    The stacking containers that are 505 mm in length do not have handles, but are fitted with grips on the outside.

    Stacking container with lid

    Container lids can be ordered separately. Lids are useful if you wish to close off the top of the container.


    In accordance with Euro Standard: Yes

    Stackable: Yes

    Nestable: No

    Handles: 0/1/2

    Material: Polypropylene (PP)

    Colour: Grey, Blue, Red

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